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This morning I was going to run performance test on a SSD drive on one of my servers. SSD are interesting as the first time you write to them they will be significantly faster then initial writes will be.  Below is the fio commands I used to write to the entire drive and precondition it before actually testing it.

To run this you will need replace the filename with the name of the device you want to write (ie /dev/sdb) 

NOTE – This will overwrite anything on the drive so DO NOT RUN IT ON A DRIVE WITH DATA YOU WISH TO PERSERVE!

 fio \
–filename=/dev/YourDevice \
–direct=1 \
–size=100% \
–log_avg_msec=10000 \
–ioengine=libaio \
–name PreCon \
–rw=write \
–bs=1m \
–iodepth=8 \


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